John-Mark Payne Equine Starting and Re-education



Our services include the starting of young horses for all disiplines, float training, handling young stock and re-education of problem horses (bucking, rearing, shying  etc). Consideration is taken to assess whether the problem is caused by pain, disobedience or confusion. Horses are treated by equine physiotherapists

 Dressage training, reining training and training for all the western events. Horses are ridden in the arena and also road and bush rides, to ensure you're getting a safe, versatile mount back.

The health and well-being of your horse under John-Mark’s care is paramount,  with only the best feeds given twice daily. The horses are all kept in individual yards with shelters, have their feet tended to and are under 24-hour supervision.

Most young horses stay with John Mark for six to eight weeks, though this varies with older horses. Each horse is ridden daily, rugged (when own rugs are provided) and always kept in clean yards.

John-Mark also offers lessons to the client  to ensure a smooth transition into your horse's new lifestyle. Please feel free to contact us if this interests you. 

Rates are $250 per week plus feed. Or you can provide your own feed