John-Mark Payne Equine Starting and Re-education




"John Payne has 'broken in' many horses for me. His love of horses is obvious, and his calm, no fuss method is a winning formula with young warmbloods. The horses come back accepting of the leg and contact. They float, handle traffic and can be ridden in company of others. The bottom line is, I always feel safe on a horse that John has broken in. The horses that he has broken in are testimony enough to this quiet and humble man's approach to horses."


                                                                                      Nicole & Glencoe Manhattan

Nicole Tough
NCAS EFA Level 2 Dressage Specialist Trainer and Coach
NJAS Advanced Judge 

"I found John to be a man of few words but the communication he has with horses is second to none.  He is attentive, patient, experienced and knowledgeable. 

Often you hear stories of breakers "breaking" in horses well until you get on to ride them and find they do not understand the concept of "contact".  This is not the case with John, he carefully introduces the young horses to the idea of going forward into a "contact". 
I believe John has played an important part of Chester's education and when its time for my next young horse to be broken in,  I will be calling John up." 

Gary Lung
FEI Rider and Young Horse Class Winner


                                           Gary Lung and GB Winchester


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